Question: Is VetResQ right for my pet?
Answer: VetResQ can be used to treat many different inflammatory conditions as well as poisonings. The therapy is designed to treat cats and most sized dogs. Larger animals, up to 300 pounds could also be candidates, including foals. The 3 available sizes allow for the therapy to be fine-tuned to your pet. We recommend reaching out to your veterinarian to see if VetResQ could help.

Question: How can I get VetResQ for my pet?
Answer: VetResQ can only be purchased through a licensed veterinarian directly from CytoSorbents Corporation, the New Jersey-based manufacturer of VetResQ. Ask your veterinarian about using VetResQ.

Question: How safe is VetResQ?
Answer: VetResQ is safe when implemented by a trained veterinarian. The technology, which includes VetResQ and CytoSorb treatments, has been safe and well-tolerated in more than 150,000 human treatments and hundreds of canine treatments.

Question: How long is the treatment and how many treatments are needed?
Answer: It depends on the disease being treated. For example, drug intoxication might require a single VetResQ cartridge over the course of a few hours to up to a full day of treatment. More complex illnesses like sepsis and pancreatitis might require daily device changes for several days. VetResQ cartridges need to be exchanged at least every 24 hours, if not sooner, depending on the severity of illness.

VetResQ is for veterinary use only

VetResQ is manufactured and available for veterinary use in the United States in three different sized cartridges (50mL, 150mL, and 300mL) for the treatment of cats, dogs, foals, and animals of comparable size. VetResQ is compatible with standard hemodialysis, continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT), plasmapheresis and hemoperfusion instruments.