For Veterinarians

VetResQ is an extracorporeal blood purification cartridge for animals, directly related to the human therapy, CytoSorb®, that has been used in more than 70 countries worldwide to treat life-threatening illnesses in critical care and cardiac surgery.  By removing a broad range of inflammatory mediators, including cytokine storm, bacterial toxins, activated complement, bilirubin and bile acids, myoglobin, free hemoglobin, and many others, the goal of VetResQ treatment is to reduce severe uncontrolled hyperinflammation (e.g., the systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) and sepsis) seen in many deadly conditions that afflict animals.  Left unchecked, this inflammation can spiral out-of-control, leading to complications such as capillary leak syndrome, shock, organ failure, and death.  VetResQ can also rapidly reduce a number of lipophilic (hydrophobic) drugs, plant alkaloids, and other toxic compounds from the bloodstream that are commonly accidentally consumed by pets.

Key features of the VetResQ technology:

  • Advanced biocompatible and hemocompatible polymer beads (about the size of a grain of salt)
  • Beads are extremely porous, enabling massive binding capacity with up to 7 football fields of surface area in a single 300 mL VetResQ device
  • Adsorbs a broad range of cytokines, toxins, inflammatory mediators, and drugs from whole blood and plasma
  • Well-established safety profile

VetResQ has a broad adsorption profile


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VetResQ is for veterinary use only

VetResQ is manufactured and available for veterinary use in the United States in three different sized cartridges (50mL, 150mL, and 300mL) for the treatment of cats, dogs, foals, and animals of comparable size. VetResQ is compatible with standard hemodialysis, continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT), plasmapheresis and hemoperfusion instruments.